Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be admitted to USC to take continuing education courses?


What is the class format? Are all the classes online or will some be offered in the classroom?

Each course is different and the format is stated in each course description.

Will textbooks be required? What textbooks will be required? How much do they cost?

This will vary by course. Information will be provided in the course descriptions.

How much time must I spend online for each course? How much time should I estimate for studying, per course, per week?

Each course will have materials to review and in some cases, written assignments. The course syllabus will provide the necessary details.

How long is each course?

A course can be a short as a 90-minute webcast or as long as 12 weeks. Please refer to the individual course details.

Are the programs going to be part of a certificate program or just free-standing?

Some programs will be a part of a certificate program. Look at course details for more information.

Will the course(s) be self-paced?

Some courses will be self-paced. Look at course details for more information.

Is there financial aid available? How do I apply?

There is no financial aid available for non-credit courses.

Are all course materials included in the price?

Some of the course prices include materials. The course description will indicate if additional fees apply.

Are there additional fees?

Please refer to the individual course details.

What is the refund policy?

Each school has their own refund policy. Please check the details of the course you are interested in.

Do I receive degree credit for taking a course through continuing education at USC?

No, these courses are non-credit courses.

What kind of credit can be received from these classes?

Each course will list whether they offer professional credits. Please see course details.

Will I have access to online USC library resources?

At this time, we cannot provide access to USC library resources.

What if I can’t finish coursework for one of my classes? Can I take an incomplete?

There are no grades assessed for these classes. This will need to be discussed with the professor who is teaching the course.

I am outside of the United States; can I register for your courses?

Yes, if you have internet access, you will be able to access our online courses.

If my native language is not English, do I need to prove English proficiency?


Who teaches the courses?

Our courses are taught by USC faculty and experts in the subject field.

I am an alumnus of USC; do I receive a discount?

Please check with the specific school of the course you are interested in for any possible discounts.

I don’t see the school listed I am interested in?

Not all USC Schools have continuing education programs. However, you can try contacting the school directly to see if there are any offerings. All USC Schools are listed here.

Can foreign students obtain a visa for taking continuing education courses?

Generally no. However, for the most current information on visa regulations, you should contact the Office of International Services.

How can I obtain verification of completion of continuing education courses?

Please contact the specific school of the courses you completed to obtain verification of completion.