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Upcoming Events

Leadership in Enrollment Management

September 29, 2014 - May 22, 2015

Created and led by Dr. Jerome Lucido, Executive Director of the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice at the University of Southern California, the Leadership in Enrollment Management online certificate program has been designed specifically for emerging leaders in the profession. 


This is a thirty-week online program, spanning 3 ten-week sessions. For the 2014 cohort, the course runs from September 29, 2014 - May 22, 2015. Lectures and discussion will be held asynchronously. The curriculum content includes enrollment management in the institutional ...

Early Identification of Young Gifted Learners

This is a 4 week course

September 22, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Program Description

This online face-to-face program provides a framework for using non-traditional identification methods and differentiated curricular tasks to activate the potential of young learners (PreK- Grade 3).

Taught by experts in Gifted Education, this program will help you increase the academic rigor for high-ability learners while also providing a spill over effect to impact all students.

Unique Program Feature

You will receive actual curriculum to be implemented with your students. This course has been designed to utilize the elements of gifted education to recognize and develop potential in all young children.

Intendend ...

Strategic Management Online

October 01, 2014 - October 22, 2014


Strategic management is the art and the science of formulating, defining, implementing and evaluating policies and decisions that will assist an organization in achieving its goals and objectives. It is an ongoing process that assesses and evaluates the business and industry in which the organization operates. Rapidly changing environments create opportunities for growth, but also pose challenges that firms must be prepared to overcome.

This program will present the core areas of business strategy and develop skills for making strategic decisions and translating those decisions into real-world implementation. Participants will complete ...

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

December 12, 2014 - December 12, 2014

Lean Six Sigma White Belt (formerly: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma) will introduce you to the tools and techniques for implementing lean principles. Participants will gain a broad understanding of the philosophy, methods and benefits of lean and value stream mapping as they apply to all types of enterprises. You will be introduced to lean concepts via hands-on exercises.

A lean enterprise views itself as part of an extended value chain, focusing on the elimination of waste between you and your suppliers and you and your customers.  This seminar is the ...